Why Join SNAAAP?

Do you experience the following? 

  1. A reduction of foot traffic into your retail outlets.
  2. Losing your customer’s interest with your brand.
  3. Decreasing profit margins due to increasing material and labour cost.
  4. Want to digitize your business but don’t know how. 

If you answer “YES” to any of those questions – you are not alone and SNAAAP is your solution to these problems. 

SNAAAP was born out of the desire to change the retail experience by helping merchants understand their customers and to drive consumer engagement. At SNAAAP, we merge the offline and online shopping experience into a singular seamless experience. 

Join us today to see how you can achieve a tech advantage over your competitors. 

Don’t wait! 

Getting Started

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Getting Started

Interested to know more how SNAAAP can help you reduce cost, increase efficiency? Want to have increased loyal customer base and see what a gamified payment system can do for you and your business?  

 Drop us a message today and our team will get in touch with you. 

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The Consumer Engagement Platform

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