SNAAAP is a consumer engagement platform that allows you to interact with your environment. By merging the offline and online experience, we are able to incentivise consumers through a two level rewards program. 

The retail experience globally has stagnated over the last decade. This has resulted in the proliferation of ecommerce, and a reduction of human traffic into retail outlets and shopping malls. 

SNAAAP was born out of the desire to change the retail experience. To create reasons for consumers to get out of their homes and buy things at the shops. To help merchants understand their customers more and to drive consumer engagement. 

Our Vision 

To revolutionise the smart retail experience through consumer engagement, customised retail experience, and social commerce.

Dedicated to change the world, experienced in overcoming the odds, and straight up fueled by caffeine and jet fuel, the SNAAAP family is all ready and proud to deliver SNAAAP to the world.  

 The glue that holds us all together is SNAAAP’s Vision and Mission, regardless if we are in Malaysia, Singapore or Manila.  

 When the going gets tough, we remind ourselves always that:  


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The Consumer Engagement Platform

Empowering Interactions

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